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3 Layers of the Tear Film

The tear film is a gradient, which is comprised of three main layers.


1. Oil Layer

The outermost layer is comprised of oil, which serves to seal the tear film

and prevent the evaporation of our tears. Oils are released by our

meibomian glands and poor function of these glands can result in an evaporative type of dry eye.

2. Water Layer

The middle layer is the water or aqueous layer, which has the main role of lubricating the eye. The water layer is produced by our lacrimal gland which is innervated by corneal nerves and influenced by hormones. 

3. Mucin Layer

Lastly, the innermost mucin layer helps the water and oil layer adhere evenly over the eye. It sits directly on top of our corneal cells and nourishes them. Without a proper mucin layer, tears would be constantly running down our cheeks.


Risk Factors

  • Age

  • Certain Medications

  • Smoking

  • Computer Use

  • Previous Eye Surgery

  • Wearing  A Face Mask

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and Forma-I Therapy

Meibomian glad dysfunction (MGD) refers to blockage and poor function of the meibomian glands. Approximately 85% of dry eye is associated with some level of MGD. At Eyes On Stonehaven, we use the revolutionary InMode Forma radio frequency treatment to help unblock clogged meibomian glands and restore the oily layer of the tear film.

Payments plans by Beautifi

We understand how important payment plans can be to some of our patients.

For this reason, we offer custom plans to help break up the cost of our services.

We’ve partnered with Beautifi to offer monthly payment options on all
procedures and packages of $1,000 and above. Applying is secure and will not impact your credit score. It takes less than 3 minutes to submit an application and your approval result is displayed instantly!

3 Easy Steps:
1. Apply Online
Simply visit the website to learn more and apply online.

2. Get Approved
Receive a call from a Beautifi loan specialist to confirm your details.
3. Get Ready For Your Procedure
You’re all set. Beautifi will pay us directly!

Scan me and get approved!

                                         Invest In Your Health & Beauty
Beautifi terms range from 6 months to 6 years – find a monthly payment that works best for you. You can finance the entire amount or a portion of the procedure cost.
     1.) Amounts are inclusive of all fees and charges (no hidden fees)
     2.) Monthly payments will vary depending on a variety of factors including credit                      history and monthly income



                                          Frequently Asked Questions


1.) How long does it take to get approved?
Apply online and get-prequalified in minutes! Beautifi can approve your loan and finance your procedure in less than 24hrs.

2.) Will applying impact my credit score?
No! There is no risk or obligation when applying for a loan with Beautifi.

3.) What will my interest rate be?
Your rate is based on monthly income and credit history, as well as the loan amount and term length. Rates start as low as 8.95%

4.) Can I pay my loan off early?
Yes! You can repay all or a portion of your loan at any time, with absolutely no pre-payment penalty or fees.

5.) Do I need to finance my entire procedure?
No, With Beautifi you can choose to finance all or just a portion of your procedure.

                     Zero Money Down
Beautifi pays us directly. They ensure the fixed monthly payments are affordable and within your budget.


                         Loan Made Easy
Beautifi’s online application is simple and secure. You can repay a portion or all of your loan at any time, with no pre-payment fee!

Marble Surface


Demodex is a mite that lives in human hair follicles and is commonly found on the eyelashes. Along with other bacteria, demodex can cause irritation to the eye. An in office ZEST treatment by your optometrist can irradicate the demodex mite and improve patients' dry eye symptoms.

Before and After ZEST.png



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