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Online Meeting

With the current global situation,  we are all using digital devices more than ever before. Many of us use multiple devices and often at the same time. This puts a lot of visual demand on our eyes causing them to feel tired, strained and dry. In some cases it is difficult to main clear focus on these near objects which can result in headaches that are typically located above the brow line or around the eyes. In addition, some people find the blue light that is emitted from their digital screens can affect sleep patterns.

What Can I Do?

Woman on Her Computer

Positioning your computer like this makes it easier to take frequent breaks and look out a window.

  1. Position your screens further away so that your eyes don't have to over focus.

  2. Take frequent breaks and try to look in the distance periodically (for example look out a window).

  3. Remember to blink so that your eyes don't become dry.

  4. Consider a pair of computer glasses that help your eyes focus and provide a special blue light coating.

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